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Frank Huang is an attorney specializing in estate planning, trust administration, probate, and business succession planning, with over twenty years of helping clients protect what is important, their assets and loved ones. He has been serving clients throughout California for the more than fourteen years. Frank’s family relocated to the Temecula Valley in 2014. His goal is to provide estate planning peace of mind.

Frank focuses on educating clients about proper estate planning and helping them ensure that their estates will avoid costly, time consuming and a public probate proceedings, while minimizing negative tax consequences. Estate planning is about protecting yourself, your spouse and your family from times of incapacity or death so that the family and loved ones do not lose control or the benefits of a lifetime of effort and hard work. Proper estate plans protect the creators of the
plans, the beneficiaries, and the assets held in trust from outside intrusion, from possible waste and mismanagement, and from public scrutiny.

In many cases, it can also include huge savings in potential tax liabilities. Proper estate planning is vital to the safety and security of everyone.


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