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What is a COVID 19 Discount?

Can You Give Me a Covid Discount?

So, we are several weeks into this pandemic and associated semi-quarantine. Lately, I have had both potential clients and current clients ask me to provide them with a COVID 19 discount to build a new website.  

Naturally, my knee-jerk response is… huh?

How does a virus translate into a discount?

If anything, my industry seems to be the one industry most businesses need right now to keep their business name in front of their clients. Unlike other essentials, I have not raised my prices to “take advantage” rates, I have tried to assist those in need where I can to see all of us through this crisis.

Saving Money

I can understand everyone wanting to save a little money during this time as they do not know whether they will receive their next check from their job or their clients, but this seems like an odd thing to request of someone struggling in the same fashion.

Also, none of those asking for a discount have stated an amount until I ask numerous times. My general reaction to a discount request in normal times is ‘$100 off for multiple sites’.

I had one client, with several sites I built, eventually tell me that $100 off is not enough and wanted a website built for $300! That is less than half of what I charge and I am told regularly that my prices are too low. This client decided to outsource to an Eastern country. Hopefully, he will be happy with the results, but I doubt he will get the ongoing support he enjoys with my services.

Needless to say, I am pretty disheartened to lose any business to another country, but I need to pay my bills and put food on our table as well. Passing on an under-paying gig seems like the right thing to do in cases like this.  I hope I am proven right in the long run.

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